We design websites that clearly and effectively promote your story, successfully attract customers while ensuring that with great design, graphics and photography your content really looks it's best. So your site stays relevant and immediate, we make it very easy for you to manage and update your own content.


social media

Love it or hate it, social media can be an extraordinary way to get your message out there. Managed well, it is the most instant and low cost, (free!) way of connecting with your market making it an invaluable tool to supplement other marketing activities and generate sales.



We have been working with Mailchimp, an email marketing service for over ten years. We can help you build a mailing list, devise a mailing program and design relevant and successful mailing content. For some clients it is a one off mailing and for others it's a programme of regular emails.


design and print

Good design is key and we work with the best designers and printers to produce cost effective, stand out material: invitations, flyers, brochures, packaging and books…..



Well placed and original news can generate thousands of pounds of press coverage; unpaid advertising, as it was once called. We understand the market and, with good contacts, can ensure good coverage from a local level to national media.

event management

Whether you are planning an exclusive launch, opening a London solo show, a performance or an arts festival, we can help. From selecting the right venue through to planning guest lists, designing invitations, catering, promoting on social media, media relations ......, we will make it a success!