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No fuss, no jargon, just great ideas. We help artists, sculptors and creatives promote their work through clear and effective communication in this fast moving world. 

From creating and managing comprehensive marketing plans, organising a show or festival, designing a new website or simply starting off on social media, we can get you looking your best.

Our Work :




We design websites that clearly and effectively promote your story and successfully attract customers while ensuring that with great design, graphics and photography your content really looks it's best. It is essential your site stays relevant and immediate, so we make it very easy for you to manage and update your own content.

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Michael Speller is a sculptor, based in London, whose work in bronze is sold all over the world. With over 70 pieces of completed work, this highly visual site showcases and catalogues his extraordinary work.

sharon drew.png


Sharon Drew is an abstract painter who, from her studio in Walthamstow, creates vibrant strong work - something we believe is complemented by the sharp clarity of this website. She is incredibly successful at showing her work, this site allows her to easily update her sold work and promote her next exhibition.

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INK is a theatre company that sources, develops, and produces the best new short plays for stage, and radio, from writers with an East Anglian connection. The INK Festival showcases the best of these plays staged and performed by professional actors and directors. They wanted their old website refreshed with new graphics and images and restructured for INK2019.

friends of carlton church.png


At Sculpt, we also enjoy getting involved in community projects. Here we designed a simple site for a quaint Suffolk church set in a beautiful landscape amidst a corn field showcasing their summer services and concerts.


social media


Love it or hate it, social media can be an extraordinary way to get your message out there. Managed well, many artists are able to successfully sell directly from their carefully cultivated social media presence. It is the most instant and low cost, (free!) way of connecting with your market making it an invaluable tool to supplement other marketing activities. We can help you get started on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin  and whatever other great apps there are and continue to manage it for you, if you wish.




We have been working with Mailchimp, an email marketing service for over ten years. We can help you build a mailing list, devise a mailing program and design beautiful, relevant mailing content. For some clients it is a one off mailing and for others it's a programme of regular emails.


media relations


Well placed and original news can generate thousands of pounds of press coverage; unpaid advertising, as it was once called. We understand the market and, with great contacts, can generate successful coverage from a local level to national media. Let us help you develop a good story and we will get it out there.


event management


Whether you are planning a small local show, a London solo show or an arts festival, we can help. From selecting the right gallery or venue through to planning guest lists, designing invitations, catering, promoting on social media, media relations ......,  we will make it a success!